Playing it Safe with Mr. See-More Safety — Let’s Rap and Rhyme — is a book dedicated to helping children learn what it means to be safety conscious. The poetic style offers children a way to remember important concepts through the use of repetition and rhyme.  As children listen to the poems, they will begin to refer to them in their everyday lives.   While children are being entertained, these important safety messages will become instilled and part of their expanding knowledge base.  These rhymes provide vital information which parents often assume children know, but in actuality, may not.  By receiving invaluable safety instruction at an early age, children will have a chance to develop good habits that will help them throughout their lives.

Playing it Safe with Mr. See-More Safety was written for children of all ages. Parents can enjoy the illustrations with very young children and at the same time help them interpret the significance of what is being portrayed.  As children begin to read, the text will reinforce the illustrations which they have already become familiar with.  By observing and carefully discussing each scene with a parent or teacher, children will be helped to identify the kind of situations that could lead to an accident.  Consequently, they will be in a much better position to know what to do to protect themselves if faced with a real life situation.  

As children enter each new stage of development, they will have a better understanding of “cause and effect” and the connection between a person’s actions and the consequences that could follow.  Allowing children to role play scenarios that contain hidden dangers will help them see how easy it is for just the “right” circumstances to lead to disaster.  This method fosters active participation in the learning process, thus making the information easier for children to understand and apply.  Moreover, sharing the rhymes with older children will open up an avenue for discussion which could prove to be extremely beneficial. By using this book as a springboard for ongoing dialogue, children will have an opportunity to clarify important safety issues that are relevant to their own lives.  

It is our hope that Mr. See-More Safety will become a universal role model so children will have a strong desire to imitate him.  His positive influence will help children resist negative peer pressure to act in an irresponsible or dangerous manner.  Mr. See-More Safety’s goal is to teach children how to identify serious risks in their environment and find ways to eliminate them where they have the power to do so.  He approaches the topic of safety in a gentle fashion, but due to the seriousness of the subject matter, the illustrations, as well as the text, must send a powerful message and cannot be compromised.  Some of the terminology will be new and may need to be defined, but the words will become automatic as the vocabulary is repeated and understood in context.  A glossary has been included for this purpose. To help children feel the rhythm and express the poems in tempo the symbol (…) indicating where to pause will be used throughout the book.

Although it is true that the earlier children develop sound safety habits, the better… it is never too late.  The issue of safety must become a first priority because our children are our most precious gifts.  We hope Mr. See-More Safety becomes a partner with parents and teachers in the effort to help children think critically and perceptively, thereby preventing the conditions that so often lead to tragedy.  We must make every effort to give our children the tools that will help keep them as safe as possible.  So without further delay, let us begin working together to achieve this most important mission!

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