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Publication Date: March 1, 1997
Playing It Safe With Mr. See-More Safety is 84 pages packed full of information. There are 34 rhymes in all, each covering a different safety issue. After each rhyme, Mr. See-More Safety reinforces the safety message with an explanation of why something is dangerous. The book also includes an index and a glossary.

Editorial Reviews


Children’s Literature – Karen Saxe

When I first got this book to review, I could hardly believe my eyes. It truly is a compilation of little songs about safety to be sung as rap songs! The idea, of course, is to provide children with crucial safety information in terms of risks to themselves in order for them to make informed choices. There are rhymes about everything from bike helmets to guns, from furniture safety to riding with strangers. It could effectively be used by teachers.”


“Playing It Safe With Mr. See-More Safety ~Let’s Rap and Rhyme,” was reviewed by the Health Curriculum of Baltimore County Schools. It was determined that the readability level was between 2nd and 5th grade depending on the particular school. It has a broad appeal because of its tempo and format. Kids are drawn to the character because of his status with the children and his genuine, caring nature. Children seem to be willing to learn what the concepts are and how they can apply them to their own lives. The book comes highly recommended and should be in every elementary classroom. — Mr. Larry Herrold, Baltimore SchoolsRaves: My second grade students found the book delightful and it encouraged important discussions about how to be safe. — Reviewer: Shonda H.

City: Mesquite
State: TX
Country: USA Age: 31 to 40
Occupation: homemaker
Sex: Female
Favorite Authors: Dean Koontz, John Grisham
Raves: This book was great!! My boys will read it often. We look forward to many more books by you. — Sheri W.
City: Temple
State: TX
Country: USA
Age: 22 to 30
Sex: Female
Remarks: Awesome book and I would recommend it to anyone with small kids. Thanks so much for a great book! — Reviewer: RHONDA B.
State: NC
Country: USA
Age: 31 to 40
Occupation: EDUCATOR
Sex: Female
Review: The Nursery Rhymes were wonderful. My 6 year old loved it so much that she took it to school. — Allison C.
City: Lehigh Acres
State: FL
Country: USA
Age: 22 to 30
Occupation: Student
Sex: Female
The book “PLaying It Safe With Mr. See-More Safety ~ Let’s Rap and Rhyme,” has had a definite influence on my little boy. I overheard him helping his little sister when he saw her running with a stick. He said “Don’t you remember that Mr. See-More Safety said that was dangerous?” Another mother said that her daughter is always pointing out situations that are dangerous because “Mr. See-More Safety told me.” It certainly makes it easier on me because I know she understands and will use her newfound knowledge. — Parents Who Bought the Book

The book “Playing It Safe With Mr. See-More Safety” is an added addition to our library system. After searching the shelves to see if there is a true need for this book, no other book discussed so many safety concepts pertinent to young children. The books found were for the very young and were extremely limited in the content and presentation. This book has a definite market value and needs to be on every library shelf. Our children deserve it! — Baltimore County Library Association

From the Publisher

This book is a must for any parent who wants to instill good safety habits that will last a lifetime. The earlier children learn how to identify serious risks in their environment, the safer they will be because they will know what to look for. The cost of this book is less than a T-shirt. It may be the most important investment you will ever make! Keep an eye out for Mr. See-More Safety’s next book on Stranger Danger.

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  • Paperback:84 pages
  • Publisher:Safeworld Pub Co; 1st edition (March 1, 1997)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0965560406
  • ISBN-13: 978-0965560405